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Unintentional Ba'al Worship | Episode 37

September 07, 2023 Stephanie Green Season 3 Episode 37
The Promise Perspective Podcast
Unintentional Ba'al Worship | Episode 37
Show Notes

Some may be wondering how I’ve come to such a strong conclusion about the Ba’al worship that has infiltrated Christianity today. I’ve been brought up to believe that Christianity is this “pure” and untainted religion and belief, but as I’ve intimately studied the Word for myself, I am learning that our faith is deeply rooted in pagan practices. I’ve learned that Christianity is drenched in Babylonian idolatry, yet most are unaware. I know that these are big statements to make, but I hope that this episode will connect the dots for those listening.
It is very possible that we can worship Satan (Ba’al) unknowingly. Ba’al worship can be unintentional—we know this is possible, because this is how the kingdoms of Israel and Judah fell.
Ba’al in Hebrew, means “lord, husband, or owner.” He is a covenant-breaking god. He is the one responsible for causing people to forget the Father’s Name. In fact, in Jeremiah 23:27 Yah said that they had forgotten His Name for Ba’al (aka Lord). What Ba’al seeks to do is to get Yahuah’s children to spiritually divorce themselves from Him and enter into a false covenant with him, and he uses everything he can to tempt us into false worship—and he loves how ignorant we are to it. Don’t forget that he disguises himself as an angel of light. 
The constant plea in the Bible is to return to Yah’s ways; His commandments. Yet, we have been conditioned and programmed to UNKNOWINGLY hate Yah’s ways by being taught that obedience to His commandments (which are what outlines the terms and conditions of our covenant) are no longer necessary. This is the ancient serpent who has used men to dress themselves in wolves clothing to perpetuate this doctrine. Ba’al does not want us to be in covenant with our heavenly Father. 
We must repent and come out of the idolatry and lies of Christianity. This right here, isn’t a falling away. This is coming out of Babylon. The whole world is going to be astonished when they find out what the beast religion of Babylon truly is. 

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